Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined

Time for Winter Break. FINALLY. I could use a break from school, but not a break from my friends.

Left Tuesday after the Chemistry Club Christmas Party. Played Uno ATTACK!. Twas entertaining. Finally getting the club involved with more volunteer work. Worked the Angel Tree last Friday and this Saturday we're going to toy sort for the Salvation Army. Cool, huh?

Been more social now that school's out. Went clubbing/bar hopping a bit with some friends. Have to say that I enjoy it. I'll probably do that some more when I have more free time.

Went with my mother today and basically picked out my Christmas presents. I didn't mind though. I wish my parents didn't feel the need to get all of us so much. I feel guilty for having a decent Christmas when I know there are people much less fortunate...

Went with Derek and a TON of people to Mikawa for an after finals party. It was... too many people and very awkward. Things are weird. Didn't feel comfortable. Ended up sitting with some freshmen and a sophomore I only knew in passing. Most of my attention was focused on Lethal Weapon 4. Whatever.

Went with Danielle to Steph's to watch Kung Fu Panda with her and Samuel-san. Heh, it was amusing. It was a beer and pizza night. I didn't complain.

... ... ...

I miss Danielle. I get to see her Saturday though. Might also get to see her Sunday if some plans work out, but I don't know how that's going to go. I will also get to have a Jon that day too hopefully.

I need to schedule something with Leigh now that finals are over. I haven't seen her in a long time.


Alex said...

You're going to get to ____ a Jon? Is this a choose your own adventure? >_>;;

ayame said...

you're so thoughtful, with all the volunteer stuff and such :)

and i need to reappear! when are you normally between classes?

glad we were able to explore decatur that day ^^