Thursday, November 27, 2008

Devil Town

The semester is finally winding down. Classes have been going pretty well. I need to bring up my Calculus grade on this final... A in Phytochemistry. Pretty sure I solidified my A in Tech Writing. I'm coming out of Organic II with a minimum of a C. Right now my only concern is Cal B. I need it for Physics II and I need Physics II for Biophysical Chemistry.

Bake sale went well. I think we made $120 or so. Mom baked and donated a lot...

Been spending time with Dad since he leaves Saturday. I won't see him on Christmas... But he has to do what he has to do.

Got my hair cut shorter. Mom cried. Tried to make me promise to not cut it any shorter... ever. Couldn't make a promise like that. I'd be lying.

Em and Danielle are friends now. It's kinda cool actually. Weird at first, but it's interesting. I think they finally understand each other now.

Had our Rock Band Pre-Finals Destresser Night at Shelby last night. It was great. Tasty beverages and gaming. Oh and pizza and extra baked goods. But I was preoccupied with the first two.

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Alex said...

We must have Rock Band times again soon since I was upset the other night. All the times Rock Band!

ayame said...

i hadnt remembered to look over at this in a while @.@ i am excited that classes are winding down! hope you do well in all your classes :) we should make plans sometime. (want to see bolt? *big smile*) ^^