Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pura Muerta

I need to stifle my internal conflicts.


This is reality.

I deal.

The end.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Machete Conquistador

Just came back from Costa Rica Wednesday night.

Three weeks of collecting samples and enjoying myself. There is so much to talk about... I kept a journal that Stephanie had provided me with for the trip.

Naturally, though, I left out the bits about alcohol and clubbing. Ha, we all have a few inside jokes now for example, "runway".

Anyway, it was a nice change of pace and now I am back home.

Went to the Daikin Festival last night. And well... hey, at least Steak N Shake was fun! Even though I lead a life of fail... Meh, maybe I can redeem myself Tuesday or so. I just... ergh... anyway. Below are the details of the collected samples.

Essential oil compositions of Monteverde Asteraceae
· Montanoa guatemalensis leaf essential oil (3 samples)
· Verbesina turbacensis bark essential oil
· Clibadium leiocarpum leaf essential oil
· Neomirandea angularis leaf essential oil
· Podachaenium eminens leaf essential oil
See: Setzer et al., Fitoterapia, 2004, 75, 192-200; Moronkola et al., J Nat Med, 2007, 61, 63-66.

Essential oil compositions of Monteverde Annonaceae
· Desmopsis macrocarpa leaf essential oil
· Desmopsis bibracteata leaf essential oil
· Guatteria diospyroides leaf essential oil
· Guatteria costaricensis leaf essential oil
· Cymbopetalum costaricense leaf essential oil
[Include Guatteria oliviformis leaf oil from 2007]

Essential oil compositions of Monteverde Lauraceae
· Persea schiediana leaf essential oil
· Licaria triandra leaf essential oil
· Rhodostemodaphne kunthiana leaf essential oil
See: Setzer & Haber, Nat Prod Commun, 2007, 2, 79-83; Setzer et al., Nat Prod Commun, 2007, 2, 1203-1210. [Include Licaria excelsa leaf essential oil collected in 2005]

Essential oil compositions of Monteverde Araliaceae
· Dendropanax sp. “large leaf” leaf essential oil
· Oreopanax nubigenus leaf essential oil
· Schefflera rodrigueziana leaf essential oil
See: Werka et al., Nat Prod Commun, 2007, 2, 1215-1219; Setzer, Nat Prod Commun, 2008, 3, submitted.

Essential oil compositions of Monteverde Rutaceae
· Casimiroa edulis leaf essential oil (2 samples)
· Zanthoxylum sp. “PeƱas Blancas” leaf essential oil
See: Schmidt & Setzer, Nat Prod Commun, 2006, 1, 201-204; Setzer et al., Mol Divers, 2005, 9, 3-13; Boehme et al., Nat Prod Res, 2008, 22, 31-36.

Essential oil compositions of Monteverde Lantana spp.
· Lantana camara leaf essential oil
· Lantana hirta leaf essential oil
· Lantana velutina leaf essential oil (2 samples)
See: Schmidt et al., J Herbs Spices Med Plants, 2006, 12(3), 43-65. [Include Lantana camara essential oils collected in 2000]

Essential oil compositions of leaves and fruits of Eugenia monteverdensis
See: Cole et al., Biochem Systemat Ecol, 2007, 35, 877-886; Stokes et al., Nat Prod Commun, 2007, 2, 1211-1213; Cole et al., J Nat Med, 2007, 61, 414-417.

Floral essential oils from Monteverde, Costa Rica
· Plumeria rubra (Apocynaceae)
· Brugmansia suaveolens (Solanaceae) (3 samples)
See: Lawton et al., Biotropica, 1993, 25, 483-486; Setzer et al., J Ess Oil-Bearing Plants, 2006, 9, 28-31; Setzer et al., Flavour Fragr J, 2006, 21, 244-246.

Essential oil compositions of stem bark and leaves of Brunellia costaricensis (Brunelliaceae)

Miscellaneous Monteverde essential oils
· Tournefortia glabra (Boraginaceae) leaf essential oil
· Hydrangea peruviana (Hydrangeaceae) leaf essential oil
· Besleria formosa (Gesneriaceae) leaf essential oil (2 samples)
· Saurauia montana (Actinidiaceae) leaf essential oil