Sunday, December 30, 2007

Films About Ghosts

Just returned from Kentucky today. My grandfather has a German Shepard puppy to keep him occupied.

It was in the 20s-30s the entire time. No sun. Mostly gray and cloudy with some occasional rain. Felt like a Tim Burton film.

He personally showed me where my grandmother was. There's a glass casing in the living room with her urn and it is surrounded by some of her favorite things.

Saw Bob, Sandra, Glen, Betty, and Mitch while I was there. Played pool. Played several other games. Ha, Bob, my father, and myself sang an entire Counting Crows CD together while we were playing games. Almost sad that we all knew the lyrics to everything.

Heh, I always thought he had a striking resemblance to Pablo Picasso.

Monday, December 3, 2007

May Your Organs Fail Before Your Dreams Fail You

Catechumenation ceremony today at Saint Mary's. One of the Sponsors, Mort, explained the origin of the ceremony. During a time of persecution by Romans, the Christians had to meet in the catacombs and initiated people down there to make sure there were no Roman spies. Anyway, now if I die I get Catholic burial and I'm closer to getting confirmed.

This entire semester has been a blur. By credit hours, I believe, I will be a junior. I'm happy with that, but I was disappointed with me and my Organic. Need to work harder.

It kills me to see people who don't care about college or people who are given scholarships and just waste them.

Even worse, people who get jobs that don't help others. Yes, I know any job can help better the world for others in some way. But are you really content staying in retail the rest of your life? Will that help peace negotiations? Will that cure cancer? Ergh... maybe I just expect too much. I want degree because I want my job and I want my job because I want help others.

'What man is a man who does not make the world better?'

I wish everyone were more passionate about their future professions for the shear purpose that it may one day help someone else.