Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let The Flames Begin

Went to the Paramore concert Friday with Jon, Tim, and Danielle. Phantom Planet, Meese, and Conditions also performed. Phantom Planet was great, I had no idea that they would be at the concert. The drummer for Conditions was pretty raw. He had some really good fills. Messe... shouldn't have been there. The lead singer looked like Elijah Wood and sang too feminine. Wasn't too impressed with their sound. As expected, Paramore was amazing and Hayley was hot.

School is coming back together for me. I'm really glad I dropped Cal B. It's given me more time to focus on other subjects. I still need to work really hard until the end of the semester.

I finished my last counseling session Thursday. Basically told Dr. Bryant that I didn't have time for emotions. Meh, well it's half-true I guess. At least right now I am not in a position where I am free to have any. A relationship would be nice, but I'm in no rush to get my heart fuckin ripped out again. I think trust will be a major issue from now on, sadly. I also don't want to hurt anyone around me, which makes things a bit difficult... But whatever. Life goes on. You don't need another person to survive anyway, right...?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

But What Should I Do Once I Know Everything?

More eventful Spring Break than I had anticipated.

The day after Fort Payne, I went for Confession. It was actually less painful than I had anticipated. In a way I almost felt comforted... Absolution isn't bad either. Had lunch with my sponsor. Did my penance. I had some down time between then and Holy Thursday service so I called a few people up and went to Monte Sano.

Me, Anne, Derek, and Stephanie all went up there. Had a blast. Got in a lot of playtime with my machete. Towards the end of our walk/hike Derek found a snake and kept it for the remainder of the walk/hike. Didn't have enough time to go back to the dorms for my car, so Anne drove me to Saint Mary's and we all went to Holy Thursday service. It was great. Went back home that night.

My grandmother's condition got worse. Spent a few hours with her at the hospital. It tore me apart to see her like that. It reminded me so much of my other grandmother last year when she was in ICU. Oxygen, antibiotic, saline, and morphine. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, but she was still aware of her surroundings. Went to Good Friday service and stayed up here.

Saturday night I got confirmed at the Easter Vigil mass. Mom was still upset when I saw her before the service. She was crying... I hate seeing my mother upset... It makes me feel so helpless.

News came back and the tumor that was on my grandmother's colon was malignant.

Got a call from Mom today saying that there was no sign of the cancer spreading anywhere else, so my grandmother should be alright. So, I am very grateful for that. Right now I am worked hard until Friday when I get to go to the Paramore concert. That should be some incentive.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fisherman's Horizon

Came home a little after midnight last night from a day of fishing in Fort Payne. Even though it was really windy and the water was choppy from the waves, I really enjoyed myself. Met Andrew's student, Adam. Andrew, Derek, Joey, Nick, Adam, and myself spent the entire day fishing. Not much was caught. Andrew was the only one of us to catch a crappie.

When I finally came back home Mom told me that my grandmother was sick and dehydrating. She got admitted to the hospital today... I lost my other grandmother last year during this month, but she had been sick. This... was just all of a sudden. I hope it's nothing serious...

This week is also Holy Week. Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil... I still need to go to confession before Saturday night...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Of Rockstars and Rosaries

First off, it's about bloody time for Spring Break to start. I HATE Spring semester's endlessness.
So let's see, I had to finally drop Cal B. It took up too much time and I was not getting anywhere with it. I think my other classes could use some more time since I had been neglecting them for Cal B time.

I did some hardcore uber studying last night with my organic. It consisted of a God list of reactions I created, old exams, a 16 oz Rockstar, and a 24 ZOMG-sized Rockstar that resembled the diethyl ether canisters we use in Organic lab. Felt alright about the exam, but we'll see.

Chemistry Club is OFFICIALLY SGA approved and rechartered so rock on, guys. The bake sale went well and we should probably work on getting shirts ordered soon.

Picked my Catholic name that will be used next week. The point of choosing a confirmation name is to pay homage to that saint and well... here (Wikipedia ftw): "...It is customary for a person being confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church (and some Anglican dioceses) to adopt the name of a saint with whom he/she feels a special affinity, thus securing an additional patron saint to be his/her protector and guide. "

Sadly since I am female I could not use Saint Jude, so I chose Saint Alice (Alix). I think I am just as familiar with humility and suffering as she was; and through it all, still knowing that God is there.

Easter Vigil is next week and I still need to go to Confession before I go. THAT will be a fun conversation... So meh, well it's 6:06 and I need to get to bed.

P.S. I went on another drive today since the weather was nice. Visited Monte Sano and Maple Hill.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mad World

Well, Midterms came and went already. Looks like I may have to drop Cal B if I didn't so well on this exam. I feel like I am constantly busy. Organic exam next week. Spring Break is too far away. Dad's birthday was the 4th, Jen's is the 16th. My grandmother's one year is the 10th and Mr. G's is the 14th. Paramore concert is the 28th.

Today SGA went to the capitol for Higher Education Day. Fourteen percent tuition increase and faculty cuts? No thank you. Property tax, not income tax. Alabama has an INSANELY low property tax and that is probably why some of our funding suffers. Ugh, I did not want to go into politics in this blog, but whatever.

All systems go on Costa Rica. Passport arrived last week.

Bought a To Write Love on Her Arms shirt. Meh, I liked the one that had Paramore's 'We Are Broken' on the inside. That organization is for a good cause, it helps depression patients.

Mr. Adrian bought me my Arrrgyle shirt from woot! shirts. THANK YOU, ANDREW! The shirt is pirate-y goodness.

Addressed a few things that were bothering me. Talking things out and telling other people how I feel is never easy for me, but I need to get into the habit of it.