Friday, February 20, 2009

Bullet for My Valentine

So the new year started off quickly and the beginning of the semester was no different.

Classes have been time consuming more than anything else. I think I will do well if I can just learn to to properly time manage.

Chemistry Club is trying to get everything in order, so hopefully we'll be having some cool events lined up in the near future. I've been helping Deacon Jim try to recharter the Catholic Student Fellowship. I told myself that I wouldn't get too involved, but it looks like it's a bit late for that. Guess I'm glad Catholics might have something to go to on campus now...? Anyway that's going on...

Oh, and I might have another publication. I've been talking to Brenda since she's in Moriairty's lab and apparently some of the oils I shot are doing well against the cancer cells. Now how they are against normal cells, have no idea. But I still found that interesting. The Brunellia costaricensis bark had a high concentration of methyl salicylate.

Also had a relatively decent Valentine's Day. Went to Amy's wedding. Congrats to Mrs. Pettigrew! Definitely gave a bullet to my valentine. I found it amusing. Below I've got a pic of part my gift. And uh, I got my hair cut again. Yay being able to make it semi-spiky?