Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Snows of Shadow Moses

My father is not coming home according to his schedule. In fact, he doesn't know when he is coming home. Or rather, he cannot disclose that information. Since last week, everyone on base seems to be keeping something from the public. Dad has been given unusual hours and even been on and off an "alert" of some sort. There was some speculation from the outside at what might be happening. Russia's broken truce? A North Korean attack? I don't know... I wonder how much the GMD Program has changed since the 2004 public demo. I wonder if they are working on something else...

More family concerns, my grandmother was given too much chemotherapy too quickly and nearly died from it. In one of my April entries I mentioned the discovery of cancer in her colon and she has since been this chemo regimine. Now she has an aberrantly swollen upper lip, possibly from the new medication she was prescribed. She has her good and bad days, but recently she just appears to be only having bad days.

On the bright side I may be moving back to Huntsville earlier than expected, but I will have to wait and see before I can truly be excited.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Chance To Lose Control

So my Summer Break has finally started. I am trying to relax as much as possible seeing as I only have a week before I move back into the dorm.

I've been alternating between Rock Band and Ragnarok. The latter causes me more trouble because of the lag on my computer. I've only been playing drums on Rock Band since the USB control chargers are MIA. I'd only do vox anyway. I am very much anti guitar.

I miss Danielle already, dammit. The weekend isn't even halfway over either... Of course I miss my other friends too. But... you know. Meh. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I feel the need to pirate Jon. I'M COMING FOR YOU, TAKERU!

Guess I should read some too since I have a bit of free time. I just rather enjoy being braindead for a few days. That a bad thing?