Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Future Doesn't Scare Me at All

Not too much really bothers me anymore. It's weird. I wonder if I'm just numb to everything or if I have just grown up so much over these past two years of my life. I'm content with things right now.

School is going well. I am with someone I love and who loves me in return. My work in the Setzer lab is paying off. Sure there are things that can be always be better, but I'm not greedy. I'll take fortunate events as they come.

Deacon Jim seems to be pushing the Catholic Student Association on campus. It used to be chartered by SGA. I think he wants me to revive it... I don't think I even know ten Catholics at UAH. And I sure as Hell am not a good example of a person to bring it back. "Oh yeah, that's a great idea! Put the gay as president of a Christian organization!" Nice, Deacon Jim, nice.

Got to visit Mr. Hillis yesterday. Brought him some pizza. I never get to see the guy anymore. Just talked about life for a little while.

Also visited my grandparents. Talked about politics. Heh, I love my grandparents. They are staunch Democrats, unlike my parents. My grandmother seems to be doing better. More energy anyway. Hair is thined from the chemo. She says she is cold all of the time. My grandfather does his best to accomidate her. He is such a loving husband...

Talked to Marie last night to some ungodly hour. It was fun anyway. Can't wait to meet her. She seems to act a lot like me personality-wise.

CrisisCon is coming up this next weekend. Get to hang out with Leigh, David, Danielle, Jon, Drew, Carrie, Amanda, Marie, and Jennifer. It is going to be a well-deserved break from all of this school work.

And then... Vegas.