Monday, July 21, 2008

Still, You Do Not Answer...

"It is what you do when no one is watching that defines you as a person."

Personal motto. It seems as though integrity means nothing these days. Hopefully there are more people out there trying to keep chivalry alive...


Too much going on for the summer. I was under the impression that summer should be a break from everything. Apparently, I was mistaken.

There is some good news though, on November 7th I get to go to the Venetian for my birthday. Yep. Las Vegas for the 21st. However, I had to promise not to drink... Which will test my will-power.

I have been talking to Emily. We are becoming each other's confidant again. I asked her of Chris knew who I was yet. She said that he does... kinda... Told me that she didn't want to be forbidden to talk to me. It upset me to think that even if he did know who I was that he would not let me talk to her. I have known her longer. And I have certainly been with her longer. But whatever... I decided not to go to Jennifer's party. I was so excited when I heard about it, but knowing that Chris was going to be there... I didn't want any trouble. I want everyone to enjoy themselves there and I know I would've been annoyed.

Thanks to Marie, I have been watching Last Friends with Jon and Danielle. Not one for JDrama, but it's good. It is funny to see so many parallels between our personalities and those of the characters on the show. In fact, sometimes it is even word for word. We watched episode three last night and it was scary that something that I had said about ten minutes before was said by the character that I connect the most with...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Freak On A Leash

Well, I suppose it is finally time for a July entry on here.

Monday was Leigh's birthday so we all celebrated at Mikawa. It was a larger group of people than I had anticipated, but it was fun. Happy 21st, Leigh!

Tuesday I went to set up for Chemistry Club at COMPASS, but appearently we don't do ANYTHING for transfer students. So Sam and I Plan B'ed to Casa Blanca for lunch.

Wednesday was... uneventful, I believe.

Thursday was COMPASS again. This time there were people. Hooray.

Yesterday... was interesting to say the least. Went to the Huntsville Forensics Lab. EVERYONE there was very nice. I had been in contact with the Lab Director, Mr. Ginsberg, and I think he was surprised to know that he had been talking to me the entire time. Anyway, had fun. Club meeting. Chik-fil-a. And... yeah. Stuff.

I am coming to another point in my life where things are starting to go well. And when this happens I get worried. That's because good things rarely happen to me and when they do I get scared that something will take it away. I feel like I am bracing myself for some great misfortune so much to the point that I am not entirely sure that I am enjoying the present... I guess we'll see.